The Solar Solution That's Right For You!

For Southern California Solar Energy customers, these options are a win-win-win. And with all of these options, your Solar PV System is backed by industry-leading combined power and manufacturer warranties for up to 25 years.


Solar Purchase

Own your solar power and the energy it produces. Enjoy immediate savings!
  • Fixed APR% for life of loan with No Prepayment Penalty from $5,000 up to $125,000.*
  • 25 Yr Product & Workmanship Warranty Available**
  • You keep 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit and/or any state and local incentives for which you may be eligible.*
  • Maintenance Options Available


Your home qualifies for energy upgrades, up to 15% LTV.
  • Various PACE payment terms available (including optional full prepayment without penalty).
  • No upfront cost, you keep 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit and/or any state and local incentives.*
  • Product & Workmanship Warranty**
  • Payments may be tax deductible, Maintenance Options Available*

Solar PPA

Lock-in low energy rates and no upfront cost.
  • You pay a lower monthly payment for the energy you produce. 
  • No upfront cost saves you 35% vs previous electric bill.
  • Product & Workmanship Warranty, If something breaks, we'll fix it.**
  • Transferability Guaranteed! Sell your home, new homeowner takes over.*

Southern California residents can instantly start saving money on their energy costs whether they belong to SDG&E, SCE, LAWPD, or another municipal utility in the lower half of the state. In addition to the Income Tax Credit we can help customers earn cash rebates or credits for switching to clean, efficient energy