6 Great Ways to Green Your Business and Save Money

As a business owner, you’re constantly looking for ways to reduce costs, increase profitability, and improve your relationship with customers. What if we told you there’s a simple way to...

27 06 2017 / Posted by scsolar
Why you should go solar this summer
Why You Should Go Solar This Summer

The weather in Southern California is nearly perfect all year round, but with summer on the way, we can expect sunnier skies than usual. As you prepare yourself for another...

15 06 2017 / Posted by scsolar
Is a Solar Panel System Right for Me?

You’re at a neighborhood party and your friendly buddy from down the street brags about the solar panels that power his house. You always wondered if solar power would be...

07 06 2017 / Posted by scsolar
Five Solar Panel Myths Debunked

Despite what advertisers would like you to believe, nothing is completely, perfectly good. Some of the solar energy pros and cons (it is free energy; the photovoltaic panels become inefficient...

31 05 2017 / Posted by scsolar
Use Solar for Home Improvements

If you are interested in solar power but are unwilling to jump in with a big purchase of high-efficiency solar panels, consider some smaller home improvements. These small-scale solar projects...

24 05 2017 / Posted by scsolar
Top Five Reasons You Need a Battery

Sunshine is free, environmentally friendly and abundant – usually. For times when the sun does not shine, solar batteries are a helpful accessory. Here are five reasons to consider batteries for solar...

19 05 2017 / Posted by scsolar
What’s the Return On Investment (ROI) On A Solar Power System?

Investing in a solar power system means just that — making an investment. One that may lead to significantly more money in your pocket. Average Household May See 400% ROI...

17 03 2017 / Posted by scsolar
What Makes Solar Energy Renewable?

The renewable energy that solar energy provides is not considered “renewable” simply because the sun is always going to provide it’s light on an ongoing basis. There are other factors...

25 01 2017 / Posted by Southern California Solar Energy
Making Your Home More Energy Efficient Will Lower Your Tax Bill

The federal government’s solar tax credit allows you to tap into tax savings while tapping into solar energy for your San Diego home. Call us to learn more!

23 01 2017 / Posted by Southern California Solar Energy
What’s The Difference Between Solar Energy, Solar Cells, And Solar Panels?

With enough PV solar panels on your property, you can break free of Southern California utilities (for much of the time), and even sell excess electricity back to the utility....

12 01 2017 / Posted by Southern California Solar Energy